Ocean View Communications has the Motorola R-1801

Click here for R-1801 Information including Firmware and Applications Programming Modules

At present we can program the following Radios;

MX-300 Series w/EEPROM & Blank PROM memory

MCX-100 Frequency/Scan/PL-DCS PROMs

Syntor PROM's

SyntorX EEPROM's

MSF-5000 EEPROM's (MSF-5000 Service Temporary unavailable due to equipment issue)

Micom S HF Transceiver

At present we can program the following Pagers;

Keynote - Operating Parameters only i.e. CAP codes etc

  • Keynote pagers use crystal receivers not synthesized

    Advisor - Advisor Gold


    Cost is as follows;

    $25 to program the first MX or SyntorX EEPROM,
    $20 for each additional EEPROM with the same data set if ordered at the same time.

    MX EEPROMS (Motorola P/N REX-1090A) are once again available from Motorola. MSRP is $94.76, I charge $84.00 each without programming (programming cost is above).
    SyntorX EEPROMS (Motorola P/N HLN1125B) are no longer available from Motorola but are available from third parties OEM please contact us for information
    MX-300 Memory Module Primer - How to Determine what type of Memory Module I have..

    $40 to program MCX-100 RF/ PL-DCS/Scan or Syntor PROM (this includes the PROM)
    Multiple PROM's with the same data are $35 for each additional PROM if ordered at the same time (includes the PROM).

    $15 to program Pagers

    $25 to program Micom S HF Transceivers

    Prices are subject to change and are not guaranteed as EPROMs/PROMS are in limited supply and are not guaranteed to be available

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